Matt’s Big Breakfast – Phoenix, Arizona

Matt’s Big Breakfast – One of the most amazing breakfasts I’ve ever eaten!

Recently I was on a phone call with a client back in New York, and he asked if I had ever eaten at Matt’s Big Breakfast.  Not only had I not eaten there, I’d never even heard of it.

This meant that a field trip was in order, and yesterday we waited 45 minutes in the hot Phoenix sun (actually, we were lucky enough to sit on a shaded bench) for our chance to sit down for breakfast inside this tiny little restaurant.

Yes, when I see a line, I shudder…”maybe not today”, but I thought, “If not today, then when?” and I had no answer for that. So, we waited, and met some interesting people, some of whom had never eaten at Matt’s Big Breakfast, and others who eat at Matt’s at least once a week. That was enough for me.  I wasn’t leaving until I tried it.

And it was amazing.

How do I define amazing? The food was fresh, the whole wheat toast was thickly sliced, lightly toasted and served with home-made raspberry preserves.  We ordered the two most expensive meals on the menu and our bill was slightly over $20.

The coffee (roasted in Cave Creek) was hot, strong, and not bitter. The meats were grilled perfectly, eggs cooked to perfection, hash browns were freshly shredded (no frozen stuff here), the home fries (Yukon Gold potatoes) mingled with grilled onions and rosemary made me want to weep. They use only cage-free eggs, grain-fed pork and beef, and local organic produce whenever possible.

This is not your typical “eat out” breakfast.  This was an experience!

We met Erenia, Matt’s wife, who told us they have been in biz for seven years, of which the first three she kept her corporate job, but after that she had to jump in and join the fun.  The restaurant supports about 20 families (this is the point of shopping and eating locally folks!) a fact she was very proud to share.

“Call me Ernie, or Mama,” she invited.  As busy as they were, Erenia took the time to chat with us, tell us about the organic produce they were using, how the bread is bought fresh daily, and if they run out before they close for the day how her customers get upset.  What a problem to have!

Shop Local! Eat Local!

This is how we support our community, by supporting businesses who make a significant contribution the way Matt’s BIG Breakfast has done.

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