Client/Customer Retention

It appears to be another “slow” season…

What exactly does that mean?  For some, it means that weather or circumstances prevent clients/customers from visiting your place of business.  Right now we’re between the holidays (when people typically spend more money than they’re comfortable spending) and Tax Day…April 15 (18 THIS YEAR!!!)

With this economic environment, a typical slow season is even worse now.

You can do what you’ve always done…say, “Well, it’s the slow season…hopefully we’ll get an increase in business soon…hopefully.”

However, most people who wait for that sudden change in the number of people coming in are usually destined for disappointment. Unless you do something BEFORE the slow season, you may be putting up GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs during the slow season.

Take a look at your business for the past year or two (or five!) and establish when you are “slow”. The gift shop business that we run has several slow seasons.  After the holidays, we see a very slow season between January and Easter (that’s a LONG slow season, folks!). Then we have a little slump around June into July, and then another one during late summer, end of August until the beginning of November.

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